Alan E Wilson - Construction Consultant - Adjudicator Arbitrator Engineer 

Construction Industry dispute resolution and project management. Legally qualified independent chartered engineer providing contract advice, adjudication and arbitration services.

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Alan E Wilson



I am a Civil Engineer with training in the law and dispute resolution. I draw on extensive industry experience, having worked in employer, consultant and contractor organisations up to director level.

As well as conducting adjudications and arbitrations, I act as an independent consultant to clients of all sizes, ranging across the building, civil engineering, process and M & E industries.

My aim is to provide my clients with cost effective and realistic solutions to those contractual problems that inevitably occur. I also offer to work with clients throughout the contractual process to manage the risk of such problems. I blend a wealth of practical experience and technical knowledge, with in depth contractual and commercial know how.

Please browse the pages and if you need further information, feel free to contact me for a general discussion or an introductory review of specific problems.

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All companies do not have the same requirements. I am flexible enough to provide occasional telephone advice, ongoing contractual guidance, or to handle a major dispute. I like to get to know how my client operates in order to provide the best service. This gives both parties the confidence to work efficiently together, whether my client is an employer, contractor or subcontractor.

This site includes a brief overview of my services:-

Contract Advice -independent advice from tender to final account; warranties, bonds and insurance; claim and dispute resolution; contractual and risk management; independent review of quantity surveying and payment evaluation, programme and delay and disruption; special projects and expert evidence
Payment Issues -implications of the HGCR Act, adjudication procedures, notice procedures and other law on payment terms, suspension of work and the recovery of debts
Negotiation -assistance in getting the best from a negotiated settlement; using conciliation and mediation in the resolution of disputes;
Adjudication -adjudication is a powerful dispute resolution procedure; as a qualified adjudicator, I provide advice on when, how and what not to do; prepare submissions and represent the claiming or responding parties
Arbitration -independent advice by a qualified arbitrator; preparing submissions and representing parties in proceedings

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Qualifications and Expertise

My academic and professional qualifications are as follows.

Chartered Engineer-Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Member of the Institute of Highways and Transportation; Member Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Science
Engineering-MA Cambridge University in Engineering covering civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering. Specialisms included structures, soils and fluids.
Adjudicator-registered panel adjudicator by the Institution of Civil Engineers; the Royal Institute of British Architects; the Chartered Institute of Building; the Construction Industry Council
Arbitrator-Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; Diploma in Arbitration
Legal-First class qualifying Law Degree

My experience covers a wide range of contract types commonly used in building, engineering and allied trades, including:-

JCT Standard Form 1980/1998, Intermediate Form of Contract 1984/1998; Construction Industry Confederation Subcontract DOM/1 and DOM/2, Nominated and Named Form Subcontract INSC; Institution of Civil Engineers 5,6 & 7 Editions, Design and Construct, Minor Works, New Engineering Contract and FIDIC; Association of Consulting Engineer's Terms; Water Industry G90; Civil Engineering Contractors Association Subcontract; GC/Works; Chemical Engineers IChemE Forms.

Bespoke forms of main contract, subcontract, service agreement, joint venture agreements and guarantee arrangements.

My civil engineering expertise includes the design and construction of the following:-

water supplytunnels
roads and bridgesrailways
contaminated landsewerage
urban regenerationgeotechnics
concrete structuresinfrastructure
marine and coastal worksprocess engineering
water retaining structuresindustrial structures
structural earthworks and damswater treatment facilities

My experience of building works includes

underpinningfitting out
refurbishmentnew building
industrial buildinghigh quality finishes

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Introductory Review

Whatever the size or complexity of the issue, I am happy to discuss the matter over the telephone in the first instance. I can then advise on the options available so that the client may make an informed decision whether to take the matter further.

Defining the problem is the key to the resolution of many disputes. Before contemplating litigation, or deciding to appoint an arbitrator or adjudicator, it is wise to review the situation using outside expert assistance, if necessary. Often, clearly setting out the client's position, for instance on payment, highlights the strength of the case and best route to settlement. A letter prepared for that purpose may be sufficient to achieve settlement.

Whether the problem is a dispute or concerns proposed contract arrangements, bonds and the like, I endeavour to ensure a response to meet the required deadline.

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My office is situated in the centre of England, with excellent road and rail communications.

Approximate journey times are shown on the map. Most areas of the UK are within easy reach.

However, extensive use of email, telephone and fax means that matters can be effectively and efficiently resolved without unnecessary travelling.

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